To climb the highest mountains
is a TEAM thing.
Bergsteiger erklimmen den GipfelBergsteiger erklimmen den GipfelBergsteiger erklimmen den Gipfel
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About us

Since 2004, TEAMWILLE has been helping businesses achieve their project goals. Our range of services includes project roles, training and organisational development. We believe that for every project and for every company there is a unique approach —from plan-based to agile or hybrid— that will most likely lead to success. 

TEAMWILLE (our company name translates as “Team spirit”) is more than just a name. It is an attitude. It is our conviction that individuals can achieve more working as a TEAM than on their own.

We believe that people and the way they cooperate are crucial for project success. In our view, culture and values aren't just words — we share and live our beliefs every single day. We assume responsibility for the community and the environment, promote diversity, sustainable solutions, social projects and cooperation in the workplace.

& the 7 Summits

To climb all 7 Summits, the highest mountains in the world, is regarded as a unique challenge for mountaineers. It requires ambition, training, solid groundwork and confidence in oneself and the team. In our day-to-day project work, we also encounter many challenges that require flexibility, problem-solving creativity, team spirit and courage. We, too, keep our eyes on the target at all times, but we avoid rigidly following the beaten track.
Climbing the highest mountains is a TEAM thing.


We empower people
and organisations to
achieve their goals

Our values

The corporate values that we developed together in 2008 shape our company culture.

Be ambitious
Be human
Be curious

Be ambitious

We are committed to delivering the best possible outcome in every situation. To this end, we act in a customer-oriented, sustainable and purposeful way.

Be human

We act as equals and share the conviction that the individual strengths of each person, combined with and complemented by others, enable the best solutions. We live these values ourselves as well as in the interaction with our customers.

Be curious

We get to the bottom of things because our goal is to understand. In an evolutionary process, we design individual solutions and implement them together.

Our Milestones

Founded in 2004 by Johannes Wille, TEAMWILLE (formerly wilcomsult) has had an amazing corporate journey. And this development has always been guided by our vision and values.


wilcomsult GmbH (now TEAMWILLE GmbH) is founded, headquarters are in Ingolstadt. | First project for our long-standing key customer BMW Group

Annual revenue exceeds 100.000 EUR for the first time

Hiring of the first permanent employee. Annual revenue exceeds 200.000 EUR for the first time

Annual revenue reaches almost half a million EUR | wilcomsult is now conducting more than 100 training and workshop days per year | Johannes Wille obtains IPMA© Level B qualification and becomes a GPM trainer

Biggest growth step in the company's history so far: Recruitment of 8 new team members A workshop is held to lay the foundations for the TEAMWILLE brand and its values.

Annual revenue exceeds 1 million EUR for the first time | Now, permanent staff includes 15 employees. | A redesign transforms wilcomsult into TEAMWILLE | TEAMWILLE moves
into its first Munich premises in a business centre at Leopoldstr. 244

Johannes Wille becomes youngest Authorised Training Partner (ATP) of the German Association for Project Management (GPM)

TEAMWILLE secures a major framework contract with key client BMW Group for IT PMO services | Recruitment of more than 26 new team members | Annual revenue reaches almost 3 million EUR for the first time | TEAMWILLE goes deeper into agile project management

Annual revenue reaches almost 4 million EUR for the first time TEAMWILLE's staff comprises almost 50 members TEAMWILLE implements the first major social projects “Netzwerk Jugend” and “EWH”

TEAMWILLE redefines its product families and closes the Marketing Management business segment. As a result, TEAMWILLE loses 15 team members and 1.5 million EUR in revenue | TEAMWILLE receives ISO 9001:2015 certification TEAMWILLE is honoured as “Growth Champion” for the period 2013 to 2015

TEAMWILLE relocates its headquarters to Munich and moves into its own premises in Parkstadt Schwabing TEAMWILLE is honoured as “Growth Champion” for the period 2014 to 2016

TEAMWILLE opens an office branch in Hamburg | TEAMWILLE works for the most renowned companies in Germany offering project roles, training and organisational development services | TEAMWILLE is honoured as “Growth Champion” for the period 2015 to 2017

TEAMWILLE receives AZAV certification as training provider for the Munich and Hamburg locations | Johannes Wille and Michael Ribeiro are honoured by the German Association for Project Management e. V. (GPM) as Benchmark Trainers. Johannes Wille is even awarded the title “Best-in-Class Trainer” as one of the Top 3 ATPs in Germany TEAMWILLE is honoured as “Growth Champion” for the period 2016 to 2018

A challenging year for the economy: TEAMWILLE is not an exception and has to deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite all difficulties, the outstanding teamwork allows for a positive annual result.

Ricarda Memel and Tobias Loida take over as managing directors of TEAMWILLE | To date, it's the most comprehensive restructuring of TEAMWILLE according to sociocratic principles

Working together to achieve more

As a company, we are aware of our social responsibility. We strive to make our planet a little bit better. With small deeds. Every day. Step by step. Just like in any project, mountain climb or change process. Sustainability is a process that starts by taking a first step. In everyday life, but also in the project environment.

We promote sustainability with small and larger projects. It is our conviction that we can achieve more as a TEAM. This is a selection of projects and organisations that we support on a regular basis: 

Pflanzen wachsen in HumusbodenPflanzen wachsen in HumusbodenPflanzen wachsen in Humusboden
positerra GmbH
CO2 offsetting with positerra

Together with positerra, we support regional farmers practising a sustainable and regenerative cultivation of their fields and carbon sequestration. This allows us to compensate for our emissions locally, i. e. exactly where they occur.

Bahnfahrten Bahnhof MünchenBahnfahrten Bahnhof MünchenBahnfahrten Bahnhof München
CO2 savings thanks to electromobility & travelling by train

We strive to achieve carbon neutrality in our business operations. To this end, we have already established a series of measures, such as using electric vehicles and promoting the use of railway transportation within our staff.

Demonstration Fridays for Future in MünchenDemonstration Fridays for Future in MünchenDemonstration Fridays for Future in München
Fridays for Future Deutschland
Fridays for Future: Rethinking environmental policy

We sponsor environmental projects and support our team efforts in this area, e. g. by enabling participation in FFF events during working hours.

Humedica KrisenhilfeHumedica KrisenhilfeHumedica Krisenhilfe
humedica e.V.
Crisis aid with humedica

The international NGO humedica e. V. provides humanitarian aid in over 90 countries. We support humedica and our employees by covering the costs of a one-week field training to prepare for assignments abroad.

Gepackte Geschenke für KinderGepackte Geschenke für KinderGepackte Geschenke für Kinder
Gifts to make children laugh

Every year, humedica e. V. calls on people to pack Christmas presents for children in need with their campaign “Geschenk mit Herz” (Heartfelt gifts). Since 2018, we have been participating regularly and packing Christmas presents together.

Baum pflanzen Klima rettenBaum pflanzen Klima rettenBaum pflanzen Klima retten
Plant trees, build a future

We support tree planting campaigns like the #einheitsbuddeln on the Day of German Unity. Colleagues who own a garden get a tree. For all other employees we assume the cost of the tree donation.

Nachhaltigkeit Sustainability im ProjektmanagementNachhaltigkeit Sustainability im ProjektmanagementNachhaltigkeit Sustainability im Projektmanagement
PM goes Sustainable

Sustainability in project management is the subject of the PM specialist group “PM goes Sustainable” of the German Association for Project Management (GPM). Our colleague Andreas Neubauer has joined this group to support its goals.


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