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Organisational development & transformation management

One of the leadership and managerial tasks — maybe even the most important one — is to actively shape and steer change in a company. Whether you're looking for agile organisational development, new team and role structures, processes for product/portfolio management or the development of corporate culture after a merger of organisations — we can advise and support you in every respect. 

But how do we start? By rejecting any blueprint, because every organisation has its own requirements and needs. For a transformation to succeed, we use our transformation framework to define the key questions. For the further planning and implementation we rely on hypothesis and focus on the stakeholders in the change process. The goal is to make your organisation viable for the future, sustainable and innovative.

With a shared goal and a common framework for collaboration in your organisation, we create the flexibility for an iterative approach that will help you continuously address new challenges and changing frameworks.

Based on this, we design organisations with a high capacity for innovation and establish continuous learning and communication structures that firmly anchor an organisation's adaptability in its DNA. 

Gemeinsam Team Teambuilding


We empower organisations for the future. In a change process, people should always be the focus. The aim is always to find a suitable relationship between culture and structure.

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TEAMWILLE Transformation Framework

Almost daily, companies have to face new conditions and challenges. The aim of organisational development is to react to these new developments and, ideally, to shape them together. 

Our transformation framework allows us to keep an eye on the complex enterprise by iteratively and continuously considering different dimensions. In an advisory and supportive capacity, we will adapt to changes and apply specific measures and methodological modules.

This is how we work together with you

Systemic organisational development as basic concept of our approach

Listening, interpreting, evaluating and responding: This would be a completely normal, intuitive way of acting in any conversation. During our cooperation, we slow down this process and carefully walk through those four steps. This is how we create space for reflection. An iterative observation///consideration is the key to success, since carrying out interventions also means being prepared for reactions from the organisation. Social systems do not adhere to a standardised scheme. This makes it all the more important to observe people in the process of change and to react accordingly.

Define status quo

We use all our senses to observe and collect data while avoiding any judgement. This is how we get a neutral picture of the system.

Form hypotheses

Drawing on our observations, we make assumptions about causal relationships, patterns and ways of functioning within the organisation.

Select course of action

Useful hypotheses are used to plan and propose interventions: How could we break patterns? How could we implement new behaviours?

Carry out interventions

After the decision has been made, we transform the planning into action.

Start again

After having carried out the interventions, the loop starts again. We monitor whether changes have worked and form new hypotheses which, in turn, are used for new interventions.


Have you heard our podcast? In the series “Zukunftsorganisationen” (podcast in German language) we talk about the major topics of tomorrow's organisations with 12 guests.

Organisational development ensures future viability

Organisational development is a sensor and catalyst for the future viability of organisations. It is therefore the central task in corporate management. Successful companies have in common that they incorporate organisational development as a firmly established approach or deal with change on a project basis and plan far-reaching initiatives. 

Working with you, we will create a customised transformation approach to ensure the future viability of your company. Regardless of how you proceed — together we will focus on your main question again and again in iterative loops.  

Organisational development and transformation don't just fall into your lap. Using professional and experienced consulting and support services is key to help the organisation create sustainable and adaptable structures.

Our experience shows that it is crucial to develop the right attitude towards the overall project and the people involved. It must be shaped by

  • clarity of purpose,
  • openness and patience toward people
  • and the determination to act.
  • How well-known is our vision?
  • To what extent do we actively use the vision as a decision-making focus?
  • What conception of humanity shapes our organisation?
  • What patterns of conflict do we encounter?
  • In what way are competences and skills developed and evolved?
  • How do people enter our organisation and how do they leave?
  • How well-known and efficient are our processes?
  • To what extent are the processes client-oriented?
  • What goal and principles govern our structures?
  • What type and level of structural interconnectedness is there?
  • How well-known is the strategy and what benefits does it offer?
  • To what extent is the client integrated into the strategy?
  • Who is experiencing leadership and how?
  • To what extent does our leadership experience support self-responsible work within the team? 

This is how we succeed in organisational development

Projects are our area of expertise.

Our name stands for team spirit, willpower and the courage to break new ground. We develop, empower and encourage people, projects and companies to accomplish their own goals, to achieve a sustainable result and to successfully overcome challenges.

How do we do this?

By taking a holistic view on the project. Implementing visions and ideas often culminates in projects. And every project represents a change, every project is unique in its complexity and is subject to constant change with new parameters, new challenges, new competences and new roles that are needed to successfully complete the project. From change, to empowerment, to implementation — we will be next to you at every stage, supplying you with suitable products and services.

Empowerment via training Consulting & implementation via project roles

Kennenlernen mit Händeschütteln

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